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The most important thing to know about Bales Restoration, is that our company is built on customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and ensure that our professional staff is highly trained, skilled, and has all the resources and equipment to restore your home or business to pre-water damage condition. We ensure that our customers’ needs are met. Bales uses “Green” principles to remediate your water damage by drying in place, if possible, instead of replace.

Bales guarantees every job—no matter what the size. During our initial consultation, we’ll go over your expectations and seek to understand your specific concerns and needs. At final consultation, if you are not completely satisfied, we will address any issues you may have and guarantee that your expectations have been met 100%. We offer a “Certificate of Dry” upon completion.

Restoring your property after damages is extremely important. Professional help can make all the difference in returning to normal. Bales’ skilled staff is trained, responds immediately, and is vital to restoring your space.

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Learn more about our water damage & restoration services by contacting us at 800-492-2537!

24 Hour Emergency Service – Direct Billing to Insurance

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