Moisture and Mold Inspections

Water damage is not always visible to the eye. It can often be detected with infrared thermal imaging (IR) cameras and moisture meters. If your structure is determined to have excess moisture, proper drying can be done to prevent mold growth and wood rot. Bales Restoration has a variety of thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters used by certified, trained technicians that document the inspection and progress during the drying process.

Non-invasive Drying Equipment

Bales Restoration has the latest, non-invasive equipment to perform moisture inspections. In most cases with inspections, we do not have to cut holes in the walls, ceiling and floors to detect moisture levels. Infrared technology allows us to see inside moisture without damaging the finish work.

Experienced, certified specialists handle all residential and commercial water damage inspection services. Our inspection report will document building moisture levels and supply photos from our infrared thermal imaging cameras.We use highly sensitive moisture meters to back up the camera for documentation.

From attic to crawlspace, Bales Restoration has been providing reliable, high-quality, professional service since 1976. Bales Restoration shines in water loss prevention, specialty drying and water damage restoration. We offer dependable, competent and personalized service, as well as the solutions to any and all water damage problems.

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