Mold Remediation

What Exactly Is Mold?

Molds are specialized, microscopic fungi that occur naturally wherever there is moisture. Outside our homes, mold breaks down wood, leaves, and other debris. Within a home, small amounts of mold are unsightly, discoloring and clinging to walls, carpet, flooring, and even improperly stored food. Larger amounts of mold begin to pose threats of permanent damage to home structures and respiratory distress for sensitive people.

mold remediation services from Bales Restoration

Where Mold Remediation Comes In

Completely removing mold from a home is impossible – but remediation, or containing and reversing its effects, is possible with professional help. Homeowners should understand that where more than a few square inches of mold are visible on a surface, mold likely also exists behind or underneath that surface, concealed inside walls, ceilings, and floors.

Causes of Mold

Large amounts of standing water are not a requirement for mold to form and grow. Humidity and condensation, small plumbing leaks, gaps in grout or caulking, or spills left unattended are enough to be the start of a bigger mold problem. Painting over a moldy area, or replacing carpet or drywall, simply covers the problem. Unless dealt with professionally, mold can lead to costly repairs, or difficulty in selling a home.

Specialized Mold Detecting Equipment

When a musty odor lingers, mold becomes hard to clean, recurs frequently even after cleaning, or is found inside walls or floors, it is time to contact Bales Restoration. Diagnosing a mold problem and determining all the steps necessary for restoring the beauty of your home are tasks our technicians deal with daily. Lead technicians are trained and certified in mold remediation with state-of- the-art tools and methods. Equipment we use includes:

  • Moisture-measuring meters
  • Infrared cameras
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air movers

We also have specialized equipment for removing excess water and finish drying:

  • Hardwood floors (which can often be saved with professional attention)
  • Walls & ceilings
  • Behind and beneath countertops and cabinetry
  • Non-invasive or minimally-invasive drying using a “green” approach

Rapid Mold Remediation Response Time

Bales Restoration teams work rapidly, ensuring you are back in your home as quickly as possible – sometimes even the same day, or without you leaving the premises at all. Remember, rapid response with appropriate equipment can minimize further damage and return your home to its healthy, attractive, and valuable condition as quickly as possible.

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