STARC Containment System

Protecting Your Facility and Job Site with the STARC Containment System

Medical facility renovations often prove difficult as they need to be done with minimal interference in daily operations, and shutdown of the facility is very rarely an option. There are many issues faced when conducting medical facility renovations, however, Bales Restoration offers a solution. Through the STARC Containment System, we can secure the area where renovations will take place and ensure you’re able to treat patients uninterrupted, eliminating dust and noise from the job site.

About the STARC Containment System

Through a secure, safe and durable wall system, STARC Containment System provides a barrier between your construction or renovation area and the surrounding operational areas of your facility. The wall system includes modular panels, pre-hung doors, flexible corners and wall interfaces that can be set up very quickly.

The STARC Containment System was designed to meet the high standards of the healthcare industry, providing a professional look while controlling noise, dust, odor, and airborne pathogens. This reusable system provides an airtight, isolated area that allows for infection control in any situation. All surfaces are antimicrobial and the panels quickly interlock without fasteners. While the STARC Containment System provides the necessary protection for healthcare facilities, the system can be used for construction or renovation sites in airports, schools, laboratories, commercial construction sites, and residential sites. With the STARC Containment System, and service, provided by Bales Restoration, you can rest assured your construction or renovation can proceed uninterrupted while protecting your surroundings.

Benefits of the STARC Containment System

  • White aluminum walls for clean look
  • Noise and dust reduction
  • Flexible and secure
  • Infection control
  • Odor control
  • Easy set up
  • Reusable
  • Durable

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Bales Restoration offers the STARC Containment System to ensure your project is safe and secure, eliminating disruption that could affect your surroundings.

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