Business Water Damage

Retirement Home Dryouts

Bales Restoration was called in to dry out a water damaged retirement home filled with worried residents who were wondering what would happen to them. The water started flowing in an adjoining unit of the building and traveled down the walls and across the ceilings.

With all the fixtures and double sheeted insulated walls, it was more cost effective to dry it out rather than replace it. Total time to dry was 5 days and the small 3/16″ holes were fixed and painted in one day. The alternative would have resulted in significant down time, displacing residents and incurring thousands in repair costs for the retirement home.

Elementary School Dryout

A local elementary school had only been open a short time when fresh water found its way into a classroom and teachers’ lounge. Bales Restoration was called to inspect the damage and create a drying and disinfecting plan. Both rooms had wet walls, cabinets, carpet and pad. Several challenges were found; the wall construction was double 5/8” drywall and insulation was between drywall layers, with vinyl wallpaper and cabinetry-covering on the exterior of the walls. Additionally, school was in session so use of the rooms was needed.

Always prepared for a challenge, Bales put together a drying plan that completely dried everything in seven days with minimal inconvenience to the staff and children. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Bales technicians put small holes into the cabinets and walls on both sides, then forced air into and out of the trapped spaces. We dried the carpet and pad in place and used HEPA air scrubbers to keep the air clean during the process. Reconstruction was unnecessary because of our drying techniques and equipment.

Lower Queen Anne Multistoried Dryout

Bales Restoration was ready when we got the emergency water-damage call for this flooded office building. One of the flexible lines from the HVAC system on the fourth floor failed and drained the system.

We speed-dried everything ‘in place’ by using our mobile trailers –  ducting dry air through a plenum secured in the window into the building, as well as our specialized drying equipment that forced air into wet areas, requiring minimal repair when our moisture meters registered dry. We have the equipment, experience and expertise to return a wet structure back to normal quickly, saving thousands of dollars.


Specialty Mural and Complex Fire Walls

Bales Restoration has dried several wet mural walls by drilling 5/8 inch holes at the bottom, attaching adapters to air-movers that pushed air into the moist area. When the mural wall had achieved a dry state, the holes were easily repaired and covered with baseboard. Fire walls with horizontal fire stop framing, as shown above, required more holes to be drilled but still only needed minimal patch, caulk and repair, thereby saving significant business disruption and expense.

We dried water damaged surfaces in place and saved what would have been torn out and needlessly replaced by costly contractors. Multiple businesses were returned back to normal very quickly.


This beautiful church suffered tremendous water damage in the walls, hardwood floors, and other flooring throughout the church. In some areas of the church, there were 20+ foot walls that our team worked around with a fork lift in order to provide the best water damage repair services possible while still minimizing the amount of invasive water drying procedures needed to get into the walls and floors of the water damaged church for a complete dryout.

Mold Remediation

Military Installation

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