Gymnasium Water Damage

Military Gym

Gymnasium water damage can sometimes be a huge undertaking, especially when it came to to this military gym with hardwood floors. However, the Bales Restoration team was up to the task. We used drying hoses on both the floor and walls of the gym without compromising the integrity of the gym’s wood flooring. Bales water restoration services used a combination of air-movers, floor drying panels and high-pressure drying systems to push and pull air underneath the gym floor. The moist air was filtered through a mobile desiccant drying trailer to duct warm air back into the affected area.

These are just a few of the techniques and speciality water moving equipment that we used for the gym’s water damage and restoration, all of which were completed using the highest restoration industry guidelines and standards. The end result was definitely a success!

School Gym

Bales Restoration had the pleasure of completely drying out an entire school gym with our specialized, state-of-the-art water restoration equipment. Our technicians did a great job keeping the integrity of the expensive gym floor in tact while successfully removing and repairing the water damage. Because of our quick turnaround time when it comes to water damage repair in Seattle, our experienced water damage restoration technicians were able to dry the school gym in place, avoiding the hefty cost of replacing the entire floor.