Home Water Damage

Lakeside Home

Bales Restoration got the water-damage call only days before this house was scheduled for a final “walk through”. A faulty plumbing part burst, sending a large volume of water throughout two floors of the home. This lakeside home had water damage in its hardwood floors, walls and carpet.

Our team was able to go into this water damaged residential space and remediate the damage before repairs were needed. Our heavy duty water restoration machinery allowed us to dry this beautiful lakeside home while still retaining the integrity of the structure. No costly replacement of floors or cabinetry was necessary. The drying process was documented thoroughly and the builder was given a “Certificate of Dry” upon completion. These photos show the kitchen and dining room with standing water, as well as the drying process.

Custom Home

This beautiful custom home in Seattle, Washington experienced water damage so Bales Restoration sent over our experienced professionals to dry out various areas of the home. We incorporated several noninvasive techniques to dry out the walls and stairway, while still retaining the structural integrity of the home. We were able to use specialized Injectidry equipment to aid in the drying process and moisture measuring meters in order to constantly monitor the process.

Townhouse Common Walls Dryout

These town homes were well constructed with many layers of materials (party walls) to provide sound attenuation and fire safety. This project was unique in that we were able to see a “mock up” of the wall system the builder used between town homes on display in the builder’s show unit.

An ice maker sprung a leak in one unit, then flowed to the next unit soaking the materials contained in the party walls. During the drying process, we used specialized moisture meters that allowed us to measure each layer of building materials and verify that they were dry without tearing them all out and replacing. Drying was achieved while keeping the kitchen functional and the cabinets in place.

The savings were considerable since the laminate kitchen floors were the only replacement necessary and dry time was minimized. We were able to dry it in less than a week and keep the fire structure rating intact. The builder was very happy!

Seattle Condo Highrise Dryout

High Rise With Multi Floor Water Problems

Twenty-two floors were wet from the sprinklers malfunctioning in this high-rise apartment building. It took a lot of equipment and manpower to dry this one out! We did it using the latest in water restoration equipment and over 27 years of experience!

By using HP60 drying systems, desiccant dehumidifiers, air movers and axial fans, we successfully dried the structure of all moisture and water damage. Since the tenants continued to occupy the building, the hoses were mounted on the wall of the stairwell for safety precautions.

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