Medical Water Damage

Medical Clinic

Drying out a medical clinic following water damage is a tedious process due to the care that must be given around such sensitive machinery. Bales Restoration uses variable climate drying in order to balance out the temperatures that are created by the moisture using drying equipment that allows us to dry in place. This means that all of the walls and flooring are able to stay in place during the water damage repair process. This keeps costs down tremendously, since the flooring and walls are able to be worked with instead of replaced. We are definitely proud of this medical clinic dry-out!

United States Naval Medical Health Center Dryout

Bales Restoration was ready when we got the emergency water-damage call for this flooded naval base medical health facility and pharmacy. We were able to dry them out and keep them operating while protecting the well-being of patients, personnel and the temperature sensitive medications in the area. We successfully used variable climate drying to balance the temperatures created by moisture, drying equipment and the need for comfort.

Bales dried everything ‘in place’ including walls, vinyl flooring and carpet tiles, saving the estimated cost of replacement, plus two months of loss of use, at $100K. The photos show our mobile trailers ducting dry air through a plenum into the building. We dried and then restored the flooded hallways, offices, bathrooms and the pharmacy while protecting the comfort of personnel, patients and contents of this environment. It was enough to make the U.S. Navy smile!


Temporary Containment

Medical Room Floor

Medical Office Class IV Contaminant

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